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In this seminar your attendees learn how to get the most from the traditional local advertising media including:


  • Newspaper, magazines and other print .

  • Television and Cable - finding affordable opportunities.

  • Radio - which stations are really best and why.

  • Billboards and other outdoor advertising tips.

  • Directories including Yellow Pages that may be a waste.

  • Speciality advertising and give-aways.

  • Co-op advertising to get reimbursed more.

  • Direct mail that works and not trashed.

  • Media mix - creating synergy with the right combinations.


For each of the approrpiate media your attendees learn:


  • How to neogtiate the best deal and maximize your exposure.

  • What is the ideal size and/or frequency for your ad schedule.

  • How to get free advertising added to your schedule.

  • Which of the media is best for you and your marketiplace.

  • How to create an ad that gets results.

  • When not to use specific media.

  • Tricks the media reps use to get you to buy more than you need and how to work it to your advantage.

  • How to test results and determine provable success.

  • Understanding the rate card and reading between the lines.

  • Advertising agency or direct - which is best for you?

  • And so much more.



Frank Weyforth,

Chairman Emeritus, Weyforth Hass Marketing

"Jeff is a unique consultant that has a great deal to offer small business owners to help them increase their sales and profit without breaking the bank. I have used materals prepared by Jeff and his books to help my Clients. I intend to have Jeff speak at our Mentoring Retreat this year to make his ideas known and see if some of the Mentees want to hire him to help them. Great Ideas -- Great Value"



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