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INFLUENCE BOOSTER - Persuasive Communication

Improving Productivity Has Never Been More Fun With Jeff Slutsky’s Fun and Funny Motivational Speech:  Influence Booster.


Jeff Slutsky’s new, maximum strength motivational speech, is infused with all-natural street-savvy ideas and funny anecdotes that empowers your people to succeed during these hyper stressful times. Let Slutsky immunize your attendees from results-deficiency and anemic performance. While laughter may be the best medicine, today’s environment demands that humor be enhanced with equal parts: content, audience interaction and practical, proven ideas for those who suffer from mild to moderate apathy. That’s why the new and improved,  INFLUENCE BOOSTER keynote speech, is now available without a prescription and ready to be administered at your meeting or convention. Ask your meeting planner if Slutsky’s INFLUENCE BOOSTER is right for you. Use only as directed.


Just Some Of The Valuable Concepts Presented In This Entertaining, Humorous and Content-Rich Keynote Include:


  • How to break through all the clutter and information overload problem to get your message heard.

  • Understanding the structure of the communication process so you can give messages that make a greater impact.

  • How to adjust your communication style slightly to get better results from different types of personalities.

  • Ways to easily gather critical insights from those you need to connect with so that they'll provide you the desired course of action you need.

  • How to use simple creative problem-solving tactics to get better overall results.

  • How to avoid miscommunication that results in costly mistakes. 

This is Jeff Slutsky's Showcase Presentation at the RedPropeller Speaker Showcase. In this clip Jeff's audience learns several techniques from this Influence Booster keynote speech on effective communication.  Asking the right kinds of questions and listening are two of the most important approaches to influencing the people around you.  In this segment, Jeff shares a funny story about using the "echo technique" to keep the other person talking and volunteering valuable information so you can guide the decision-making process. Next, they play "hot potato," an audience participation exercise on active listening. To avoid miscommunication, Jeff shares a humorous example of words that can get misunderstood.  This program is also available as a live online presentation via Zoom, Skype or other internet platforms. 

"Brains Over Bucks"

Inc. Magazine




"I hired Jeff to speak at a recent Zen Windows University Training Camp.  Within minutes of Jeff stepping into the room, he was able to gel together a group of serious business people/all with a wide array of backgrounds and ages. Jeff's explosive personality and out of the box ideas along with his unique technique of jumping through segues brought management running into the room due to the thunder and excitement he was creating. My favorite moment was when the G.M. of the club grabbed me and said " Who is this guy? Is he like a guy from Hollywood? "  I said " NO. He's better." AND I meant it!  If your team/company needs a good shot of adrenaline/look no further: Jeff Slutsky is your man!"

Dan Wolt, Founder, Zen Windows

"Everyone loved your keynote presentation and they're still talking about you and your stories. Thank you again."

Sherry Fitzgerald, Kansas Dept. of Transportation

"Loved your Keynote" 


"Jeff is a no-nonsense, get-things-done person. He brings energy, creativity and passion to every project. He can be effective in helping drive retail sales for any organization."




Russ Umphenour, CEO, Focus Brands
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