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Introduction for Jeff Slutsky
"Street Fighter Sales & marketing"

           With a background in both advertising and public relations, Jeff Slutsky had an opportunity to practice what he preached when he became part owner of a night club and later a health club.  With the marketing dollars now coming out of his own pocket, he soon began to discover and develop result-oriented, low-cost tactics to build sales.  This unique combination of shrewd thinking, innovative problem solving, budgeting on a shoe-string, and a lot of hard work, came to be known as "Street Fighting."


           His Street Fighting program has received a great deal of national media attention including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Success, Ink Magazine, CNN


A small sampling of Jeff’s clients include: AT&T, American Express, Disney, Pizza Hut, Honda, McDonald’s, US Army, Subway, Sony, Goodyear, Marvel Entertainment and Chevron. 


           He’s President and Founder of Street Fighter Marketing in Kansas City  which specializes in teaching businesses how to market, promote and increase sales on a shoe-string budget.   He has authored and published 10 books, 3 audio albums and six video training programs.  But his most successful production to date . . . is the birth of his triplets. 


         Let’s welcome a real Street Fighter, Jeff Slutsky

Introduction for Jeff Slutsky
"Influence Booster"

Jeff Slutsky is best known for his Street Fighter Program of low-cost and super creative approaches in marketing, advertising, public relations and sales. It was this program that Inc. Magazine referred to as “Brains Over Bucks” that inspired him to develop the Street Fighter Influence Booster, special approach for increasing the results from all forms of your every day communications.  Jeff’s  Street Fighter Influence Booster program helps your audience members to get their points, positions, proposals and ideas heard, understood and implemented.

​     Whether Volunteer or Vendor; Supervisor, Subordinate or Supplier; Consultant, Co-worker, Colleague or Committee, your attendees dramatically increase the value of their own personal “brand” when things get done by incorporating a few simple, yet effective Street Fighter persuasive communication tactics.

     Jeff has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, on CNN and is the author of 10 books, three audio albums and six video training program.  But his most successful production to date . . . was the birth of his triplets! 

Please welcome a real Street Fighter, Jeff Slutsky.

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