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Entertaining Keynote Speech:






     When it comes to providing your audience with the best marketing and advertising ideas for small businesses, you need the "Street Fighter," Jeff Slutsky. His concepts have been proven to work for a variety of local stores, retailers, franchises and just about any small business that depends on getting customers from the local neighborhood or community. Getting more business and increasing foot traffic, average check or transaction, and customer frequency is the goal of this keynote seminar.  


     Your attendees not only get the best local marketing and neighborhood promotional ideas, but they leave the program with a plan-of-attack geared for their store or business and specific to their surrounding neighborhood or community.  Whether your audience needs to generate free local publicity, cross-promote with community merchants, work with local nonprofits, schools, or other fundraising organizations, or get more results from their existing advertising from local newspaper, billboards, radio, TV, digital,  or cable, Jeff Slutsky will give them a speech or seminar that pushes top-line sales with bottom-line results.


Not only will Jeff Slutsky give your audience all the result-oriented tactics they need, but he'll also entertain them with his dynamic and humorous speaking style.  Your presentation will be fun, funny and filled with ideas that have proven to help untold businesses how to improve sales using only a shoe-string budget.  




A Bold New Approach to Build Your Business

  • The 3 keys to successful localized marketing.

  • Why most low cost, local marketing efforts fail.

  • How to preempt your competition.

  • The 3 benefits of simple consistency over time.


No-cost Neighborhood Networking For Customer Referrals

  • Why businesses will advertise for you, free.

  • How to avoid the discount trap.

  • When it's appropriate to coupon and why.

  • How to keep your regulars paying full price.


Employing Employers And Other Local Opportunities

  • The advantages of the one-way promotion.

  • How to get the local Chamber to work with you.

  • Which offers make the most sense?


Profiting From Non-Profits at No Risk To You

  • How to tie fund raising into bottom line profit.

  • How to leverage the effort for maximum PR.

  • How to dominate a charitable event for free.

  • How to identify the perfect opportunity, nearby.

  • Tips for not getting burned.


Insider Marketing: Using the Street Fighter Within

  • Motivate employees to promote on their time.

  • What can be done to increase impulse buys

  • How to increase your average sale.

  • How to get your customers to make referrals.





"Low-cost gimmicks help       drum up big business"

USA Today


"I attended Jeff's seminar in Atlanta, GA in 2007 while I was a group general manager for a 22 store restaurant company that operated franchises of : Fuddruckers, Caribou Coffee, Marble Slab Creamery and the Great American Cookie Company, I later ran Applebee's in Dubai as VP of Operations. I used Jeff's book and tactics on guerrilla neighbourhood marketing & I was able to drive comp sales at Applebee's restaurants by +13.5% during the 2008 worldwide recession. Jeff helped us achieve success despite our limited marketing budget. Jeff is a marketing genius."

Marvin Alballi, President, Franchise Global Brands


Making More Money with Street Smart Mail

  • Ways to go from 3% to nearly 100% readership.

  • How to mail for less money.

  • What kind of message brings in the business?

  • When mailing is a complete waste of money.




Digital, Web and Social Media

  • Simple tactics to turn searches into sales

  • Basic approaches to make landing pages get results

  • How NOT to waste money on Google AdWords

  • Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social to drive traffic



"Your evaluations were excellent. You were a perfect close for the event. We look forward to working with you again."

Liz Wilson, Washington Bankers Association

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