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5.5% sales increase over the control group


Moe's Southwest Grill got a 5.5% increase compared to the control group with their Street Fighter local marketing program. Some individual franchisees had increases ranging from 10% to as high as 22%.  To achieve this level of success requires a true partnership between the Street Fighter team and the client.   With that partnership the goal is to provide you a fully developed local marketing program that is designed to be implemented by local owners, franchisees or general managers to increase customer counts and top line sales with no additional ad spend.  


The tactics we use are many.  More importantly, than the tactics, is that you get a complete system, designed for your unique operation. Our goal is to collect a portfolio of tested, proven ideas that allow your company to take advantage of the hundreds of opportunities that exist to dominate your local trading areas with low cost and even free marketing and advertising designed to generate both initial trial and repeat sales. But more importantly than the tactics is that you get a system, designed for your unique operation. 




We employ an operations-based marketing program with an emphasis on training, development and empowerment. The Street Fighter program uses a combination of coaching, modeling, mentoring, and training in a “leaner-centered” environment. 


The Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI) is high because once Phase One is developed the customized program is a resource that keeps on performing for you for many years to come.


Monthly Breakdown of Activities


Discovery (Approx. 30-60 Days)

  • Initial Research & Program Development (4 weeks)

    • Visit home office and several markets

      • Interview  several participating GMs

      • Visual survey of surrounding communities

    • Create a “tailored” workbook and curriculum for the initial kick-off seminars. 

    • Set benchmarks and time table

    • Identify and agree on the standards of success

Best Practices Pilot Development (Approx. 6-8 Months)

  • “Major Kick-Off Boot Camp Seminar” 

    • You can invite all your franchisees, GMs and potential franchisees

  • Workbooks for each participant

  • Street Fighter books for each participant

  • Weekly telephone conference coaching sessions 

  • Reinforcement/reminder emails

    • After all sessions (live, web, phone)

  • Regular summary reports to HQ




Proven Best Practices (Approx. 30-60 Days)

  • Final data of each tactic for each participating unit

  • Final rewrite of the custom master workbook

  • Final curriculum

    • Presentation outline

    • Power Point

    • Templates

    • Detailed review corporate HQ

  • Tracking app

  • Recommendations and Proposal for Rollout and Train-The-Trainers


Pilot marketing program, customized local store marketing, neighborhood marketing, LSM

Slutsky goes all out during the discovery phase for Moe's Southwest Grill

Jeff Slutsky getting totally immersed into the franchise operations of Moe's Southwest Grill.  His discovery, in preparation of launching their pilot program, included particpating in an abbreviated operations training program.  He also visited each participating location to interview the owners, and managers plus surveying the surrrounding community. 



Joel Bulger 

Chief Marketing Officer

                                          Johnny Rockets

"I had the priviledge of working with Jeff when I hired the street fighting team to assist Moe's Southwest Grill, a 430-unit fast-casual restaurant chain. Jeff's innovative approach to LSM and local marketing tactics specifically designed for an individual location (or market) was incredibly creative, fun to execute, extremely targeted and highly-impactful. More than that, Jeff was a pleasure to work with, developed a great relationship with our franchisees and restaurants and held detailed weekly calls to ensure that all questions were answered and everyone stayed on track. He became a valued member of my team and executed the program in a completely turnkey manner. I'd highly recommed Jeff, either for a marketing position within a company or as a consultant in his role as "street fighter".




"I have known Jeff for twenty years....He is a creative, on target marketeer with great ideas and foresight."

Howard Putnam 

former Chief executive Officer

                                          Southwest Airlines


local marketing, guerrilla marketing, franchise, field marketing
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